19 Jun 2010

Updated Symbols 更多的SM符號

文| Sir 翻譯| toy

After some thought about the switch logo's I put together, I had some thoughts about their design and decided to try and simplify and compose them a little more.

The resulting designs I feel are more appropriate and more polished than the originals, but I do appreciate feedback if anyone has any.
Female Switch-Collared

Male Switch-Collared

Female Switch-UnCollared

Male Switch-UnCollared



  1. haha... these identifications could go overwhelmingly extensive..

    I am yet trying to make sense of all the terms:
    The differences of BDSM and fetish, which are both kinksters.
    slaves are owned and subs are collared;
    bottoms could be dominating,
    Switch are not necessarily sadomasochist.
    and masochist are not all pain sluts.
    plus.. training, mentoring, under protection...

    I can imagine if we add all of these identities into a symbol we carry. As Toy said, it would definitely be a match making party~ hahha..

  2. Well, i don't think I'm going to design them any more
    I'm happy with these designs, and they're simpler than the original versions I created.

    With regards to the different definitions of slaves, subs, swiches etc. I don't think that can all be integrated into a symbol

    Simply stating a persons
    and avalibility

    I think is enough, futher details can be found out by asking questions.

    The whole idea of introducing these symbols to the BDSM community here in Taiwan comes from a meeting we attended once, where people assumed I was the sub, because I was quiet. I was quiet because I couldn't speak chinese, not because I was the sub! So I recognised a need for some simple symbols that can be displayed, and at a quick glance, other people can identify that persons general role within the community.

    Like Toy says, if there's a big group of people, a match making party, then symbols like these are very useful in such a situation. They also lend themselves to use in everyday life. Their simple design and non-sexual design means that they can be worn or displayed out in public without anyone realizing what the symbols mean. Only those within the community would be able to recognize the symbols!

    The necklace is only the first product I've made, I intend to make more products based around these designs, more jewelry products, badges and maybe sew on patches. That way there will be numerous ways to proudly display your position, hiding in plain sight.