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4 Nov 2011

More Symbols

Following on from some previous posts about BDSM symbols

I thought I would introduce another interesting method of BDSM identification.
This symbol system was started back in the 1970's in the gay community, but it expanded and has some interesting BDSM relevance. It would be interesting to introduce this system to Taiwan.

The system is called 'the handkerchief code', you can find more details here, but the basic idea is that a handkerchief is displayed in either the back pocket of the pants or around the belt loop to identify your position within the SM community and what fetishes you enjoy.

The first thing is which pocket to display your handkerchief in.

Top/Master/Dom- Left side
Bottom/Slave/Sub- Right side

The second thing is the color of the handkerchief, different colors have different meanings and with a quick Internet search you can find many lists with different color codes. But there is a base list that is generally accepted.

Black - S&M
Brown - Scat
Dark blue - Anal Sex
Grey - Bondage
Light blue - Oral sex
Orange - Anything, anywhere, any time (but not necessarily anyone)
Purple - Into piercing
Red - Fisting
Yellow - Watersports

So a BDSM sub should wear a black handkerchief in their right side back pocket of their pants,
a fisting Dom would wear a red handkerchief in their left side back pocket of their pants.

So next time you see a colored piece of cloth in someones back pocket, they may have been reading this blog as well ;)

Some links to get you all started.
http://goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21109205108256 good for SM, piercing, oral sex, fisting and watersports.
http://goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21005266427195 good for all the list, and some spares as well, if anyone has any suggestions for extra colors, post them up, we can start a special Taiwan code.