24 Jun 2012

派對前的清單No.2 Being A Pet

No.2  Being A Pet.

今晚,她的身分是主人的寵物,nothing else。


18 Jun 2012

Happy Hour


16 Jun 2012


No.1  Spanking, 染紅的屁屁搭配鮮紅的outfit,應該是好看的風景。



12 Jun 2012

Ninja Fun!!!

I saw an advert on TV the other day for Fuji massage chairs, the advert had a ninja running around stopping people by whispering 'fuji' to them.

The advert gave me an idea for a BDSM performance.

Scene 1.

A ninja dressed in black quietly runs across the stage, taking cover in the shadows, moving stealthily through the patches of light cast on the stage by the dim spotlights.
The light on the stage fades to black.

Scene 2.

The stage is lit by dim patches of light, one area at the front of the stage is lit by a strong spotlight.
In the spotlight a samurai dressed in traditional robes stands guard.  The ninja quickly and quietly sneaks up behind the samurai, the ninja pulls out a length of rope from his ninja outfit and whispers into the ear of the samurai.
The samurai goes limp, no longer standing guard.  The ninja then ties the samurai up with shibari, taking the samurai’s swords and leaving the samurai tied and smiling as he slips back into the shadows as the main spotlight fades.

Scene 3.

The main spotlight lights up a different area of the stage, where another samurai guard is standing.  The ninja moves in the shadows behind the guard, sliding up behind them and whispering into their ear.
The samurai drops to their knees as the ninja steps into the light with a leash in his hand, the ninja whips out a collar from his outfit and with one swift movement the collar is around the samurai’s neck.  The samurai, not moving has the leash quickly attached to the collar and is led around in the circle of the spotlight by the ninja.  When told to beg, sit and walk by the ninja, the samurai happily does so before being ordered to give up their swords.  The samurai offers their swords up to the ninja, bowing their head as they do.  The ninja takes the swords and slips into the darkness, leaving the samurai kowtowing in the spotlight as it fades to black.

Scene 4.

The spotlight lights up a different samurai guard, the ninja appears out of the shadows behind the guard and whispers.
As the ninja pulls a candle from his outfit and holds it in front of the samurai.  The samurai’s eyes grow big with desire as the ninja lights the candle and moves back into the darkness.
A second spotlight appears and shines down onto a victim, already bound and hanging by rope, the ninja entices the samurai guard to follow him to the victim.  Teasing the guard by dripping the hot wax onto the victim and giving them just a little pain.  The ninja offers the candle to the samurai in exchange for their sword, the samurai accepts the exchange and the ninja cuts the victim down with the sword before disappearing into the darkness, leaving the samurai to drip wax over their victim as the spotlights fade to black.

Scene 5.

As the spotlight rises, the last samurai guard can be seen.  The ninja appears behind them in a cloud of smoke.
The ninja whispers as he draws a paddle from his waistband.
Quickly grabbing the samurai around the neck into a reverse headlock, the ninja starts to beat the samurai’s ass.  The samurai does no submit though, only moaning in pleasure.
The ninja stops using the paddle and strips the samurai’s pants, forcing the samurai onto all fours and spanking them with the paddle.  But the samurai only moans more.
Stepping back the ninja throws the paddle away and pulls a flail from inside his outfit. The samurai lowers their head and raises their ass higher as the ninja whips the samurai’s ass many times.
With a red ass the samurai is very happy, but will still not give up their sword.  The ninja throws away the flail and reaching up to his back, he draws out a long horsewhip.  The samurai gasps as the ninja brings the whip across their bare ass with a load whoosh and a crack as whip meets flesh.  After the deep red lines have turned blue, the samurai finally offers their sword to the ninja.
Taking the sword the ninja vanishes into darkness as the spotlight fades to black.

Scene 6.

A spotlight suddenly lights up the centre of the stage, standing there is the ninja, four swords are hanging from his back along with all of the tools he has used so far on the samurai guards.
A second spotlight lights up another figure, a samurai lord.
The two warriors face off at each other, taking fighting stances.
The ninja whispers.
The lord makes a beckoning motion with their hand, showing the ninja to bring more.
The ninja whispers.
The lord beckons again.
The ninja whispers.
The lord beckons again.
The ninja whispers.
The lord smiles and changes to a different less aggressive fighting stance.
The ninja draws the rope, horsewhip, candle and leash from his outfit and holding them all in hands the two warriors run towards each other to battle.  The stage falls into complete darkness as the two come to meet in the middle of the stage.


10 Jun 2012

Cats & Dogs

Seeing the big performance in May, one performance gave me an idea for a light-hearted performance based around BDSM.

The stage is set, divided down the middle.  With no ambient light, two spotlights light the stage, one for each side of the stage to light the side of the stage that is showing the action at the time.

Scene 1, Act 1.

A spotlight lights up one side of the stage, revealing a Master and sub standing ready.  The sub is dressed with dog accessories the Mater holds the leash in one hand, a leather flail in the other hand.
A quick command by the Master and the dog obeys its Maters commands.
‘Lay Down!’
‘Roll Over!’
The Master scratched the belly of the dog as a small reward for good behaviour.

The spotlight fades to black.

Scene 1, Act 2.

The spotlight for the other side of the stage lights up, revealing another Master and sub.  The sub is dressed in pink cat ears, cat paws and cat tail, the Master holds a toy mouse in one hand, a riding crop in the other hand
The Master firmly gives the cat a command.
The cat, lounging on the floor ignores the Master,
The cat lazily looks around.
The Master tries another command, ‘Lay Down!’
The cat gives a big yawn and licks it’s lips.
The Master, getting visibly frustrated now
The Mater’s commands have stress in the voice and the body shakes a little.
The cat yawns again, walks in a circle a couple of times and then pausing to paw the ground, lies down and goes to sleep.
The Master stands rigid, arms pinned to their sides in rage, starting at the cat.

The spotlight fades to black.

Scene 2, Act 1.

The spotlight rises to show the Master and dog.
The dog sits at Masters feet, ready and waiting for the next command.
The dog lifts one paw to the Master.
The dog sits back on its hind legs and begs to its Master.
The dog barks twice for it’s Master.
The Master smiles, rubs the head of the dog and gives the dog a little chew treat.

The spotlight fades to black.

Scene 2, Act 2.

The spotlight rises to show the Master and cat.
The cat is still sleeping, the Master is standing arms folded looking at the cat with disappointment.  The Master sighs, and summons the strength to try again.
The cat keeps sleeping.
The cat keeps sleeping.
The Master has an idea, taking the toy mouse, the Master shakes it by the tail in front of the cat’s face making a little jingling sound.  The cat stirs, wakes us and looks at the dangling mouse, sits up, yawns, and starts to clean itself.
The Master drops to their knees in disbelief, their mouth open.  Summoning the last resolve left in them, the Master slowly stands.  Clearing their throat and tidying themselves up, the Master issues a command.
The cat stops washing itself, looks up at the Master with big cute eyes, stands up, walks over to the Master and calmly starts rubbing up against the Master’s legs, purring.
The Masters jaw drops open, a black cloud appears hanging over the Masters head.

The spotlight fades to black.

Scene 3, Act 1.

The spotlight rises to show the Master and dog.
The dog sits at Masters feet, ready and waiting for the next command.
The Master pulls a ball from their pocket, the dog looks up excitedly, unable to sit still.
The Master raises the ball to throw, the dog starts to run.
The Master commands are very firm as the flail comes down on the dog.  The dog whimpers and obeys the Master.
The Masters command comes as the ball gets thrown down into the audience, the dog happily running after the ball into the crowd.  After searching for a few seconds, the dog joyfully runs back to the stage, dropping the ball at the Masters feet before looking up panting and smiling.
The Master kneels down patting and rewarding a good pet.

The spotlight fades to black.

Scene 3, Act 2.

The spotlight rises to show the Master and cat.
The Master is sitting on a chair, head in hands.  Sitting up, the master takes a deep breath, holding the toy mouse.  The cat sees the mouse and starts to get interested.
The cat keeps trying to catch the mouse, ignoring the Master's command.  Frustrated, the Master throws the mouse into the audience, the cat runs after it.
The Master looking up in surprise, quickly gives the command as they rise from the chair.
The cat wanders around the audience, it’s already found the mouse.  The Master looks out into the crowd eagerly waiting for the cat to return.
The command comes, but is not answered.
‘Please Come Here!!!’
The Master pleads.
The cat wanders back to the stage with no concerns.  The Master raises the crop above their head ready to punish the cat.
The cat looks up at the master with big cute eyes and a look that can melt a heart of ice, dropping the mouse at the Masters feet.
The Masters hand lowers slowly as their anger and frustration melts away, dropping down to the floor, the Master takes the cat in their arms stroking it gently.

The spotlight fades to black.











9 Jun 2012




Find the right person so you can be you.

3 Jun 2012