18 Feb 2012

Shaving time

Scene 1:

Opening to a man, shaving cream on his face, with a straight razor held close to his face as he prepares to start shaving.

In runs a girl, disturbing him during this time of concentration. He berates her for her interruption, yet she complains to him that it’s not a big deal. The man takes the shaving towel from his shoulder and gives the girl a single quick whip to her thigh. She reacts by back answering him disrespectfully, restating that it’s ‘only shaving’.

The man is taken aback by the girl’s lack of respect insolence towards an activity she doesn’t know. He moves forward quickly, throwing the towel around the neck of the girl and dragging her away backwards.

Scene 2:

The girl is dragged into another room, where the man grabs a rope and using the towel to control her, ties her hands together, before raising them above her head and securing the rope behind her back.

Pushing her forward onto a bench, the man then proceeds to hog-tie the girl while she lies on her stomach.

Once hog-tied, the girl is flipped onto her back, more rope is used to splay her legs, tying each of her knees to her elbows, to make sure she doesn’t move too much.

Scene 3:

The girl is prepared, she questions the man, why she has been tied like this. The man responds that she needs to learn the delicacy and danger of shaving, and that the rope is there for her own protection.

The man the produces the equipment required for shaving.

A shaving brush,
A shaving strop (like a leather belt, used to sharpen the razor),
Shaving soap,
Hair clippers (the old hand operated style, not electric),
A shaving towel,
Rolled hot wet towels (dry towels with kettle of hot water),
And a straight razor!

The man holds up the razor to the light, inspecting the blade with care. He then hangs up the strop, and with long flourishing moves, sharpens the blade edge along the leather strap, inspecting the blade as he goes.

Feeling the edge of the razor, the man looks over to the tied girl with intent in his eyes. The girl sees this and her eyes grow wide in fear/anticipation of his next action.

Scene 4:

The man moves over to the girl, taking her shirt in one hand, he slowly slides the razor up the inside of the material, splitting the shirt open with ease. The back of the cold steel razor running up the girl’s stomach to her chest causes her to breathe in sharply. The man pays no attention to this.

After splitting her shirt open, the man moves to the girl’s shorts. Using smooth strokes, he cuts her shorts away from under the ropes, until the girl is nicely exposed for his next task.

He takes soap and water and washes the girls pussy, lathering the hair and massaging the roots. Once clean, he wipes her free of soap with a damp towel and combs her hair to stand up straight.

Picking up the hair clippers, he pauses to examine the mechanical condition of the tool, adjusting a screw slightly and giving the clippers a brief test in his hand. He moves between the girl’s legs and clips away her long pussy hair. The girl can feel the cold metal base of the clippers as they slide over her pussy, the cold feeling leaving behind a feeling of exposure, as the short hair allows the outside air to touch the skin of her pussy that had been so long protected by hair.

Once the girl’s hair has been clipped, the man picks up the kettle of boiling water and dramatically pours the water onto the rolled towels. He picks up the first towel, tossing it between his hands from the heat, and unrolls the towel. He slaps it down on the girls pussy, the sudden change from cold to hot and the high temperature of the towel cause the girl to yell in shock, steam floats up from the boiling towel calmly ignoring her discomfort. The man makes sure that the towel covers her pussy and gets into all the nooks and crannies.

He then turns to the razor and inspects it again, after running it over the leather strop one more time. He unhooks the stop, folds it in half and uses it as a belt to strike the girls pussy under the towel.

‘That will get the blood flowing and that hair standing up a little more’ he explains, as the girl looks at him with begging eyes, shimmering with tears.

The man stows the strop and proceeds to lather up the shaving soap with the shaving brush. Once a good lather has been made, he lifts the towel off of the girls pussy and starts to apply the lather with the brush in long slow strokes that give the girls pussy a nice covering of lather.

Putting the soap aside, the man takes the razor. And after on final inspection of the blade, he goes to work on shaving the girls pussy, warning her not to squirm otherwise she might get her pussy cut with the sharp razor.

With clean stokes, and finishing each stroke with a flourish, the man deftly removes the hair from the girls pussy, keeping the blade clean by wiping it on the shaving towel that he has hung over one of the girls ties legs.

Moving around her restrained body to get the best angles for the blade, the man gives the girl a clean pussy like she has never had before.

With the final stroke, the girl is free of hair. The man stands back, wipes the blade for the last time and admires his work. Reaching out he lifts the kettle again and pours more water onto the towels, not so hot this time he unrolls a towel and gently lays it onto the girls pussy, massaging it up and down, cleaning off all the excess soap and shaved hair. The girls face is one of relief and pleasure as the warm towel calms her.

Removing the towel, the man asks if the girl understands the care needed for shaving, to which she nods her head in compliance. The man picks up his razor again and without hesitation, cuts the ropes that bind her down, Releasing her instantly.

As the girl regains the use of her hands, she reaches down and for the first time feels the bare skin of her pussy, and she blushes. As the last of the ropes are cut free, the man helps the girl rise up and off from the bench. Where the girl sinks to her knees at the feet of the man, hugging his waist. The man standing there, rope in one hand, razor in the other, the girl softly thanks her master.

17 Feb 2012


雖然籠子裡面 鋪著軟軟的墊子























3 Feb 2012




She asked: "Why are you doing this to me?"
He said: "Because I can."