15 Jun 2010



Does it make you wet as winter to have your partner crawling on her/his knees with a collar round her/his neck and obey your every command and whim? Or does it make you lose the plot with a capital ‘P’ to be redeemed by being the receiver? What makes you tick and tock? What lies asleep in your most sanctified vault? Thinking about this and understanding this will aid you better on your sexual exploits because you will know what vehicle you are steering, know its power, its limitations, strengths, weaknesses and at the same time help you understand your partner and his/her wants and needs. This is something many who are in relationships forget. Sometimes we rant and complain about so many things that we forget to listen – because even the sound of silence can speak a thousand words. We forget to observe and pay attention to the right things. People are backward to come out in the open with their true desires, feeling intimidated or anxious that they will be judged or face prejudice, or even be misunderstood.


By engaging in BDSM I believe that you will begin to understand the meaning behind every smile, the colors and nuances behind every giggle, the way the light dances in the vortex of your partner’s eyes, you will know tears of joy from tears of sorrow, you will know the scent of fear and anxiety, the thrill of having someone who is arrogant and absolutely a control freak melt like wax in the crux of your palm. Every sigh will be a whisper, silence will be the sweetest sound you hear and pain & pleasure will be a shadow by your side. A burning halo while you crawl on shards of glass in your sublime tunnel. Who needs a light at the end of the tunnel when you know you are in good, capable hands right?


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