10 Jun 2010

Resume 奴的履歷

It occured to me the other day that finding a Master or sub can be quite a difficult task sometime, so I thought that it might be a good idea to create a Sub Resume.
A simple layout with basic information, not too much information though discression is a must! Using the symbol of a submissive looking to be collared at the top clearly indicates the persons wish to find a Dom, and indicates their sex.

下面就是我設計的履歷格式,歡迎sub(奴)們自行取用,填寫各自的履歷,開始你們尋主的第一步囉。Good Luck!

Example Resume履歷範例

Un-collared Female Blank沒有主的女奴(空白履歷格式)

Un-collared Male Blank沒有主的男奴(空白履歷格式)

Feel free to fill in your own details, or even adapt and change the blanks to suit you better.

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