29 Aug 2010

Punishment 當打屁屁不再是處罰(主人版)

Because whipping/spanking is a reward for you, it can't be used as a punishment as well, so you need a different method of being punished. So, because you like and enjoy your sex, I will punish you by not letting you have any sex. There is a problem with this though, by not leting you have sex, that also means that I will not have sex, so to punish you I will be punished as well!

To make sure that this is a punishment for you and not a punishment for both of us, I will coninue to have sex even when you are not allowed to! Sometimes if the punishment is to be severe, I will even have sex in front of you when you are not allowed to have sex. The problem with this method of punishment is that to make it effective, there needs to be someone I can have sex with. So another female is needed to make this punishment work.

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