12 Jul 2013



Hi Lilith

What about... We meet at a hotel bar, start chatting. You're a very attractive girl, I'm a fit and good-looking older male. Our legs touch, electric shocks for both of us and we realise we're attracted...

We make our excuses to others with us and, ignoring their stares. we try to be discreet going upstairs to my room, but hell, the red mists have descended...

Into the room, just one light on in the corner, and I thrust you on to the bed. You're surprised but excited by this and don't resist when one hand is tied to the corner of the bed with my silk tie. Then, more silk ties appear and your other hand is tied to the other corner...

You're face down on the bed now, unable to move much and I'm taking off your skirt, leaving in place your tall, sharp-pointed black high heels and dark stockings. Mmm, you definitely are a woman of taste...

Panties go too, so your bottom is naked, then I reach around you and undo your blouse. It stays on for now because your arms are tied but I can feel your nipples are rock hard and very sensitive. Maybe a bit of a tweak, oh, here's a nipple clamp I just happen to have. Tighten, tighten, you squeal... "enough", so just one more tweak. I'm in charge here...

A blindfold goes around your eyes. The lack of sight heightens your senses of touch and smell and you can now smell and sense that my sexual organ is near your face. "Tongue out," I say. You oblige and the tip of my penis is resting on it. "Lick."

Now I release one hand and tie it to an ankle, the same the other side and roll you over. Your pussy is dripping wet and hugely aroused. You're begging to be fucked... but not yet. I lick your juices, sucking them down my throat, then kiss you so you can taste yourself. You're delicious, btw.

Now a vibrator appears and I insert it into you. You gasp, it's huge and of course, you're still blindfolded.
It's on full now and you're gasping, almost ready to come. But before you, some anal beads appear and I ease them into your anus. You're panting now, close to cumming, but I ease off every now and then, to prolong the moment.

(to be continued)


xx Simon

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