29 Jul 2013

A Neglected Market

As a Dom Male, I have found it very difficult to find any good clothing or outfits to wear.  
Most items of BDSM clothing on the market are for females, and the few options for men are often more for submissive men!  The few outfits that are left are usually restricted to black leather pants and coats or are so tight that you need the body of Brad Pitt to look any good in them.

With Dom Male clothing being a neglected area of the market, I decided that I'd try making my own clothing and accessories!

The first thing I made was a belt.  Simple enough, not too crazy, but with a little design to set it apart and more to help any other items I make work together better.

The second items I made were a pair of vambraces, a type of forearm guard.  I made these with the same design pattern of the belt, using arrow shaped leather to created a scalloped tube that laces up around the arm.
Both items were dyed to have a two tone color of natural leather and red to match the toys I have been making for Lilith, and have been worn together with quite regular clothes to give them a more BDSM edge.

Maybe the next thing to make is a leather breastplate?

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