13 Jul 2013

Birthday Gift for the Munch 忍不住要先分享的手工交換禮物

Soon will be the birthday of the local munch.  To celebrate a 'secret santa' gift exchange is planned.

For this gift exchange, I've made this wrist band/collar from leather.  Keeping the design narrow to allow for easy wrapping around the wrist the band can be wrapped two or three times around the wrist and is locked in place with a mini padlock.  To be used as a collar, the band is wrapped around the neck, looped back on itself and padlocked shut.
The leather is double sided, with natural leather on one side and dyed black leather on the other, the band is adorned with brass rings and rivets that add decoration and also provide locking points depending on how the band is worn.  To finish the band I made a 'Lilith' moon stamped tag to hand along with the padlock (a little like in a charm bracelet).

Anyway, I hope you like it, and maybe, you might get it as your 'secret santa' gift at the next munch.