22 Apr 2013

Reverse Cuckold

In my last post I talked about cuckolding, but seeing as how we live in an equal and democratic society it seems strange that cuckolding only works one way.  Why cant it be reversed?  I think it can!

Reverse cuckold is just that!  The roles are gender swapped, so you have...

The other woman = the filly
The husband = the cuckolder or the hotgroom
The wife = the cuckold

I've been creative with the names, 
a filly is a young female horse - to counter the mans role of a bull (filly is also English slang for a spicy woman)
the cuckolder is a male version of cuckoldress,
hotgroom sounds better than hothusband - male version of hotwife.

The SM dynamics between the roles can be the same as with a normal cuckold relationship as can the sexual involvement of the different people, it just depends on what each person wants!

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