22 Apr 2013

Cuckold...or 戴绿帽子

Yes I know, the whole green hat thing in Chinese culture is generally a bad thing.  But in western culture there has developed a whole SM sub-culture of cuckolding, and it's not a bad thing when it's done with consent!

The basic act of cuckolding for those who don't know is basically having a wife who adulterous relationships with men other than her husband.  The historical context of this is seen as a bad thing culturally, and that attitude is still around with the green hat of Chinese culture.
But when the act of cuckolding is done with consent, it becomes an interesting SM activity!  With three parties involved in the basic play, the husband, the wife, and the other man.
The husband becomes 'the cuckold', a submissive role to the other two people involved, the role of the cuckold can vary in how much they participate, sometimes the cuckold can be passive in the play letting the other people play together without being involved (sometimes not even being present), all the way to being an active role in the play by assisting the other two play (sometimes cleaning them with his tongue after they are finished for example), it all depends on the likes and dislikes of those playing!
The second role is of the wife, she becomes 'the cuckoldress, queen, or sometimes hotwife'.  The cuckoldress takes a dominant role over her husband and plays with the third person...
The third person is the other man, he is called 'the bull'!  The relationship between the cuckoldress and the bull can vary a lot, it can range from a simple one-night-stand (not recommended) all the way up to what is basically a live-in-boyfriend who replaces the husband in the marital bed.  The relationship between the cuckoldress and the bull can also have varying SM dynamics, they can both be dominant towards the cuckold, the bull can be dominant to the cuckold but sub to the cuckoldress, or the bull can dominate both the cuckold and cuckoldress.  From personal experience the last is more common, the bull dominates the cuckoldress and the cuckold, while the cuckoldress dominates the cuckold but is submissive to the bull.

Whatever your perversion, it's been going on for hundreds of years...so there's got to be something fun about it! ;)

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