24 Apr 2013

Hot Stuff 玩薑。廚房裡的小遊戲

Had some fun with food!
A good sized piece of ginger, washed and peeled.
Then carved into a mini-cock ready for slave and hidden away in the fridge.

Tie her up, blindfold her and lightly tease her body.
Once she's ready and moist,
the cold tip of the ginger cock lightly brushed across her pussy makes her jump.
The little squeal and shock subsiding,
with a little more teasing the ginger has warmed and slips inside her easily.
With her little white panties to keep it place,
she gets to feel the spicy heat spread from within.

1 comment:

  1. 兩個好玩的經驗分享:
    7-11賣的[京都豆皮壽司]裡面有一些薑,我不喜歡吃薑... 就給屁屁吃囉~
    把少許的薑磨成汁..不要稀釋,用小支針筒吸大約1cc ~ 2cc注射進去屁股裡面~
    薑的辛辣感擴散出來.. 想逃也逃不了.. 收縮著屁屁.. 舒服!!