1 Aug 2012


Following an earlier post, a friend volunteered to be the model for my first corset.
After talking we decided to go with an underbust style corset.  First I made a cloth test to get the shape correct after a few fittings started to work on the leather for the corset.  This first corset I've made I did without any boning to keep the design simpler and easier to construct.  The corset has a black linen liner to keep it comfortable and help the skin breath a little when wearing the corset.  I finished the edges of the corset with gold and double stitching, lacing the corset with gold ribbon.


  1. 黑色月亮您好,請問皮革馬甲要去哪裡訂做呢?謝謝 :)

  2. 這是我們做的,但是相當複雜而且成本很高,所以屬於實驗性質。目前還沒接訂單喔。不過如果真的有興趣的話,也歡迎email和我們交流討論。

  3. 謝謝黑色月亮,希望以後能請您幫我的女王作一件喔 :D