8 Feb 2011

Practice Makes Perfect!

很驚訝也很開心在S.ink的客座文章小日本老師中看到我跟主人的blog是讀者眼中想要的BDSM!情人節快到了,節錄幾點BDSM的入門建議和大家分享,practice makes perfect!(在BDSM尤其如是)和大家共勉!

  1. Talk about it. If you and your partner don't routinely talk about sex, get into the habit. Using sentences like "I love it when you ________" and "You’re so sexy when you ________" is a great way to start conversations about sex.一切都從談論開始,試著和你的另一半開始討論你們的性生活。告訴他你喜歡他做些什麼,或你覺得怎麼樣的他很性感。
  2. Make a Yes/No/Maybe list. Together you and your partner write down every dirty, naughty, far-fetched sexual act you've ever heard of, and then each person categorizes these acts under the headings "Yes! I’d love to!", "No! I’d never ever do that!" and "Maybe, if the conditions were right." 寫下一個是/否/ 或許的清單,和你的另一半一起討論有哪些聽過的情結或如何修改過的情結能讓你想要嘗試。
  3. What turns you on? Explore what turns you on by reading erotica or watching porn. If you find a BDSM moment that gets you going, share it with a partner.什麼會引發你的情慾?去讀一些A片或情色小說,然後和你的另一半分享其中的什麼BDSM情結會讓你興奮。
  4. Educate yourself. 教育你自己。
  5. Safety first.安全第一,在玩之前一定先約定好說出什麼安全語就停止。
  6. Start small.從小小的遊戲開始。

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