14 Jan 2012


For a while now, I have been interested in making a leather corset. It would be my first corset, and a big project for me to finish it, but I think it would be fun to do and to make.

The first problem is that I don't have anyone to make the corset for! The corset will be custom made for one person, but not for my Toy, she already has corsets and to make something for someone else can give bigger range of skill.

The second problem is what type of corset to make?......

A corset with built in bra?

An overbust corset?

An underbust corset?

A halfbust-highcut corset?

A Victorian corset?

I want to try to make a Victorian corset first, I think it is the simpler style, so is good for the learning. But the type of corset depends on who to make it for and what style they want. The one corset I think I cannot make is the built in bra corset....the bra part is too hard to make on first corset, maybe I need to make a leather bra first, then can make the combined corset-bra....

Anyone want a leather bra?
Will have to make matching set though with leather panties!


  1. A victorian corset would be wonderful because it's kind of erotic.

  2. I love halfbust, especially on girls with a little bit of meat! It really accentuate the softness of female body. And it looks more painful to wear :P