17 May 2013

What a Prize to Win!

A script!

A script for a little show that came to mind after finding a Japanese porn movie online that was made to look like a perverted game show.

It gave me an idea for a similar show that has a cuckold twist to it.
The basic elements of the game show are:

  1. A husband and wife couple.
  2. Three additional males.
  3. A grand prize.
  4. A forfeit prize.
These elements come together in the game show.

Act 1.
  • The husband and wife are introduced to the game show and the rules of the game show.  The game show needs the wife to identify her husband by only using her touch.  If she can identify her husband, then they both win a grand prize (a nice vacation or a car...something like that).  If the wife cannot identify her husband, they both get the forfeit prize!
  • The husband is then taken away after he reassures his wife that she can win the prize for them.
  • The wife is then shown a large white wall with 4 numbers written on it above head height.  Below each number are two holes cut into the wall, the top hole has a curtain in front of it, the bottom hole has a penis on display through the hole.
  • The wife is then told that she will be blindfolded and can use any part of her body to touch the exposed parts of the 4 men, but she must find her husband to win the grand prize!
Act 2.
  • The wife first uses her hands to touch each of the hidden men (with a little help from the game show host).
  • When the wife cannot identify her husband using her hands, the game show host suggests using other parts of her body to try and discover her husband.  The game show host reminds the wife of what other parts of her body will have touched her husbands penis.
  • The wife then tried to use her lips, tongue and mouth to find her husband from the four people.
  • Now the curtains in front of the top holes are removed to show the men's faces, the viewers can see the husbands face as the wife hungrily sucks the penis of the man next to the husband.
Act 3.
  • When the wife has sucked all of the men's penises (some more than others) and still cannot find her husband, the game show host asks if the wife has any other body part that has touched her husband penis.
  • The wife, very shy, tells the game show host of one other body part she could use.  The game show host then helps the wife to undress and position herself doggy style in front of the first man (not her husband).
  • The wife then slowly pushes herself onto the strangers penis, she moves back and forwards a few times, and then asks the game show host to try a different man.
  • The game show host helps the wife move in front of her husband, and the wife pushes onto his penis.
  • The game show host asks the wife if she has found her husband.  The wife answers that she is not sure.  The game show host reminds the wife of the grand prize!  But also tells the wife what the forfeit prize is....if she chooses the wrong man, that man will become her lover and Master, never allowed to have sex with her husband again!!
  • The wife stops and thinks for a little time, then she asks to try a different man.
  • The 3rd man the wife fucks for a long time moaning in please as her husband is forced to watch from behind the wall.
  • The wife then fucks the 4th man, she makes more noise now and orgasms many times.  The game show host asks the wife if she knows where her husband is?
  • The wife says her husband is the 4th man!
  • The game show host stands the wife in front of man 4 and removes the wife's blindfold.
  • The wife is shocked to see a man that is not her husband!
Act 4.
  • The game show host tells the wife that she has won the forfeit prize and that the 4th man is now her lover and Master.
  • The wife looks at the man, and then smiles.  She says that she is very happy with her prize and the game show host asks the wife if she wants to try her prize now?
  • The wife says yes, and the 4th man walks from behind the wall and he and the wife have heavy, hard sex in front of the husband behind the wall.
  • The husband can only watch as his wife orgasms many times on the 4th mans penis and as the 4th man orgasms inside his wife.
  • The wife, now tired, cleans the 4th mans penis with her mouth and thanks him for his orgasms.  The wife then kisses her husbands mouth and thanks him for convincing her to play the game.
  • The wife and her Master leave the game show together, the husband walking behind wearing a dog leash.


  1. Oh my God ahahahaha,this gave me a good laugh-- the forfeit prize sounds awesome. Does the winner (...namely, the wife) gets to keep the prize as long as she wants thought?

    jk ;)

  2. try http://www.myvidster.com/video/86740104/Boot_boink_freaky_porno_at_thisvid_tube