21 Apr 2011

SM Venues

Does anyone know of an SM venue here in Taiwan??

It's an interesting subject I think, as far as I know, there are no SM clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, bookstores, 7-11's or other venues here.

There are venues that are identified with or are for the LGBT community in general, but none for the SM community.
I understand that there is some legal issues involved in such a venue, a 'grey' area of what SM is in the eyes of the government, but if someone were to open a bar or cafe that was sympathetic to the SM community, would that be targeted by the government?

The argument is that the government sees anything SM related as porn, or sex-industry related. This means that they classify almost everything to do with SM as illegal, or try to avoid the issue and it falls into a grey area. A grey area like the ones that 'barber shops' and buxibans teaching English, fall into, it's technically illegal if you read the law in a certain way, but everyone does it.

So if a cafe, no say a bar! That way only adults are allowed onto the property. And that bar was a normal regular bar, with one or two items of decoration that were SM related, but also innocent enough with the right explanation.
eg, a bullwhip displayed on the wall is SM related, but is also a movie prop from an Indiana Jones movie ;)
Get where I'm going with this!? That bar would be known to those in the SM community, and could have 'membership' for those people and 'special' event evenings etc.

If you know of a place, let it be known about, I'm sure the owners would be happy for the extra business!
If there are no places, what are your thoughts on opening a place like that?

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  1. 我也不知道台灣哪裡有像國外SM相關的pub