15 Sep 2013

The New V

I've been re-visiting some of my previous toy designs with the intention of upgrading or remaking them, this is one of the old designs that's had a makeover.

The V collar was originally designed to be a more feminine collar, this remake has the same idea at heart, but plays with the look of the collar a bit more.

The basic shape of the collar remains the same as the original V collar, with a buckle at the back and a connection ring at the front, where this collar differs though is in the leather used to make it.  The width of the main leather bands are 20% thinner than the original design, and the new design uses two different sized bands over each other to create a two-tone design.  
The buckle at the back is a smaller but sturdier model than previously used and can e swapped for a lockable buckle that's the same size.
The front of the collar gets a silver ring that's woven between the two-tone bands of leather, a silver spike in the middle connects all the pieces of leather together and keeps the ring in place, a silver rivet either side of the ring prevents excessive movement.

A nice little upgrade, now whats next???

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