9 Mar 2013

An Important Note On Leather 關於定製皮革的一些事

文|Mr. Black

Many reader will know that in my spare time I enjoy making BDSM equipment from real leather, hand stitching and crafting quality toys.
The reason I started making my own BDSM toys from leather is simple, after several online purchases of different BDSM toys and outfits it was very clear that all the products were of very poor quality!
Most of the items had been made in china, and all the items that were advertised as leather were actually made from a fake plastic leather.  Basically all the toys bought were badly made, bad materials, bad quality, etc.
I decided to do something about it!

So I started to make my own leather toys and equipment!

After some friends saw what I had made, and expressed interest in my work, I started to sell some items.
Now I custom make real leather BDSM equipment for anyone, I've even made equipment for people internationally!

Now a little guide for anyone interested in my work.
All of the BDSM toys I have made so far are displayed on the blog here and are tagged with 黑色月亮玩皮革 Leather Work , as I make more, the list will grow.
If an item you are interested in is not on the blog, don't worry!  I always like to try and make new items and I am happy to work with any new ideas that people may have for leather BDSM equipment (based on my ability to make the idea).
If you wish any design to be customised, that is also possible, it's just a case of working through the design.  Leather can be custom dyed different colors, have different accessories or decorations attached to it, there's a lot that can be done.

An important thing to remember is this-Any leather I make is custom made!
That means there is a manufacturing time needed before any order can be shipped!
For most items I make, a week is normally enough time to finish manufacturing (please note that custom dye and colouring will add time to the process, usually an additional week).
If a custom design is requested there is also some time needed to draw the design ideas, and confirm with you that the design is what you want (the time this takes depends on the design and communication, but normally takes around a week).

So for a fully customised, dyed and designed real leather BDSM toy, there is an average of three weeks between first talking about it to shipping.
If there are special circumstances or time restrictions, I can try to work with them, but it's not always possible.

Keep reading, I will be posting more information on how to order leather toys soon.


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