13 May 2011

Blue Balls

The men who read this will probably understand this better than the women, but you girls might find it funny.

It's a commentary on what torture can be, I mean, in an SM relationship, the Dom plays with the Sub in various ways as an exercise of power over the Sub. But is this always the case?
Now most, not all, but most of the time SM play has a level of sexual gratification. It is a sexual fetish after all! So the playing that is done between the Dom and the Sub is a form of sexual pleasure.
But what happens when the Sub gains pleasure from the play and the Dom gains pain from the play?
My example is this, I can play with my toy, and we both enjoy it. But Toy is female, and I am male, so there are some times when there can be sexual gratification and other times none. For Toy, this is not so much of a problem due to the natural biology.
But for me.......ouch! Blue Balls. Testicles that get too full from all the playing, and can't be emptied properly until Toy can play properly again. So who's the Dom and who's the Sub now??

Toy will have to hurry up and finish her work from http://bdsmtaisirsub.blogspot.com/2011/04/blog-post_27.html
then there will be a substitute Toy to use lol.

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